Randolph Austin Company

Extruded Tubing

Cilran™tube image

Excellent compatibility with strong acid and alkali solutions such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, and sodium hydroxide.

Low gas permeability

USP Class VI

Highly Flexible material, excellent for peristaltic pump use.

Translucent white in color.

ED-Plex™tube image

UV resistant thermoplastic copolymer

Compatible with acid and alkali solutions as well as many alcohols.

Highly flexible material, excellent for peristaltic pump use.

General purpose tubing

Black in color.

Prothane II™tube image

Polyester polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance

Excellent for slurries, viscous materials, and inks

Good hydrolytic stability with good resistance to some aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Excellent for peristaltic pump use with high tensile properties, and flex fatigue

Translucent blue in color

Povinal™tube image

Excellent for aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents such as naptha, toluene, and carbon tetrachloride.

Low gas permeability

Highly flexible material, excellent for peristaltic pump use.

Povinal is a water soluble material.

Translucent green or amber in color.

Vytex™tube image

Suitable for food, beverage and, general purpose applications including dilute aqueous solutions.

Smooth internal bore for easy cleaning and outstanding flow characteristics.

Excellent flex life, suitable for peristaltic pump use

Flexible PVC tubing.

Clear tubing